Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Here i m gonna to tell u how to track someone IP adress by the help of chat/mail.
Its veru easy and any one can trap easily with out knowing that u r tracking him/her.

                In this method u just have to paste the image link during chat and have to convience for checking that image.once he click that link then u will know all of his/her IPadress,OS,Browser,Location near by,country,information,time

Follow this procedure.......
                     1.create a accoun on this site  www.­chatrack.­frihost.­net/­index-­1.­php
            u can resister in this site(free) on the given site step-1
            u will see many images as given below screenshots.choose any one image on this site and click on it.
            a new page will open that track code(imageurl),now just copy that link and paste in your chat or sent to mail.
            soon as he/she click that link then u will find his/her ip adress,info,location etc... on "track result" section

             its very simple and easy....
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