Sunday, 1 December 2013


Wondering how other have more jobs completed than you are especially in +Neobux?
Well I know a simple trick how other members especially Filipino members that can
see lots of task on minijobs of +Neobux and +Probux and some other similar sites.
If you're based in the Philippines it's really difficult to find some task on minijob section
of Neobux, some days were even zero at task, so Here's some trick I know.
Try to manipulate your I.P. address by virtual private networks or VPN,
by this method you can change your IP from the Philippines to US or some other countries you
Here's one of my favorite to use +Tunnelbear
you can change your I.P. address to United States or Canada and/or United KIngdom, and
I think they offer more I.P. now.
Here's the download site for you Tunnelbear
You can change your I.P. to US because there's a lot of jobs they offer there, unlike
if you're on the Philippines it's really rare to see an offer.

*But take note*
You can only use this trick for doing jobs and offers, but don't ever try to click advertisement if you're
using VPNs like tunnelbear they might ban you for doing so.

Just a piece of advise, try to click advertisement always by not using VPN, so that Neobux or Probux
won't trace that your only into MInijobs..


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